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  • Shutter Huggers actually hug your camera lens and gives children something fun to focus on, for more relaxed, natural portraits.
  • Shutter Huggers free your hands so you can work your camera.
  • Your Voucher can be used for any Shutter Hugger in the store.
  • Shipping is additional: See terms below



If you have exhausted your supply of silly songs, crazy faces, and fantastic prizes in an attempt to get kids to look at the camera, Shutter Huggers™ are for you!

Shutter Huggers™ are custom plush characters that attach to your camera lens and give children something fun to focus on, for more relaxed and natural portraits.

With your Shutter Hugger™ attached to your camera, you no longer need a bag of tricks, an extra pair of hands, or "Say Cheese".



Panda Shutter Hugger

Although he doesn’t know any Kung Fu moves, our Panda Shutter Hugger will elicit a smile from even the toughest audience! The panda’s contrasting colors make him the perfect companion for newborn photography.


Dalmatian Shutter Hugger

The contrasting black and white colors of our Dalmatian Shutter Hugger work hard to capture the attention of newborns and small children, while his sweet puppy face attracts kids and dog-lovers of all ages.


Giraffe Shutter Hugger

Our sweetly spotted Giraffe Shutter Hugger is ready to tame your wildest subjects. His happy grin and unruly tufts of fur will help you coax a smile out of any animal lover.


Dinosaur Shutter Hugger

Our Dinosaur Shutter Hugger is a fan favorite among boys and is sure to get a smile, stomp, and maybe even a ROAR out of any little man.


Elf Shutter Hugger

Our Elf Shutter Hugger is ready to let Santa know who’s been naughty and nice this year! The adorable Elf Shutter Hugger is perfect for getting a grin from children of all ages.


Shipping Fee:

In the US 50 states: Shipping is an additional $5.95 flat rate for up to two Shutter Huggers

Outside the US 50 states:  Shipping is is additional $10.95 flat for up to two Shutter Huggers.


Selecting your Shutter Hugger

You'll get instructions via email (from the Shutter Hugger online store).  The email will tell you how to select your favorite Shutter Hugger!

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